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Graphic Lit

from the November 2012 issue


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From Darkness outside the Night. Forthcoming November 2012 from Tabella Publishing LLP. By arrangement with the authors. All rights reserved.


Xie Peng

The graphic artist Xie Peng was born in Beijing in 1976. He graduated from Beijing City University with a major in photography, then went on to study oil painting at the Sichuan Art Institute, literature at the Beijing Film Academy, and history at Beijing University. He has directed an animated film, and has been editor in chief of a magazine, an exhibition planner, a university professor, and an art director for a gaming company. His animated short film,The Future, was shown at the 4Flash Animated Movie Festival and won Best Film Award, Story Category. His work Kongju was exhibited by the Shanghai Museum of Art. He now works at a gaming company in Shanghai. Darkness outside the Night is his first graphic novel.

Duncan Jepson

Duncan Jepson is an award-winning director, writer, and producer of five feature films, including Hope Without Future? (2009) and Follow Your Heart: China’s New Youth Movement (2007). He has also produced films and programs for Jackie Chan’s JCE Movies, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel, among others. His first novel, All the Flowers in Shanghai, was published by HarperCollins in 2011. His latest novel, Emperors Once More, the first in a crime series, was published in March 2014. He has written for the International Herald Tribune, the Daily Telegraph, and the South China Morning Post. Duncan is currently working on a new documentary feature, A Devil’s Gift, about the difficult future facing Hong Kong youth. A lawyer by profession, he lives in Hong Kong.

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