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April 2008

Olympic Voices from China


Footnotes Like Skyscrapers

"I want translations with copious footnotes, footnotes reaching up like skyscrapers to the top of this or that page so as to leave only the gleam of one textual line between commentary and

Red Bean Sticky Cakes and Running

I am a countrywoman. This year, I'm thirty-six years old. My name is Chen Wumi. This name isn't very pleasing to hear, but the Beijing reporter Guo Wangjing was charmed by my name. He

Level A

A-Gump had already been called A-Gump.1 At that time, the American movie Forrest Gump wasn't around yet. However, nobody knew about this. If A-Gump didn't mention it, nobody would

Little Girl Lost

Dong Putao hadn't been at work long when a shadow passed over the door. It was a man with a broad, slightly open mouth who, with a single movement, glided into the store like a shark.

Love’s Labor

Wang Longguan repaired bicycles on the street, and Fan Qiumian supported a large family on her meager income. They met on the street and fell in love. Could it last, a love that came about

Wang Hanfang

At the time, young wives in our village didn't have regular names. Add the word "xiao"–young–in front of their maiden names, that's how they'd be called: "Xiao Qian,"

Feminine Spirit, Unreconstructed

I first got to know Wang Jianan and Cai Xiaoli when I was in England. Wang Jianan can't stop talking, life in his mouth becomes a joke. Cai Xiaoli, on the other hand, hardly speaks at

Morning Cloud, Evening Rain

A dream is not a dream A butterfly not a butterfly In the cloud, a pining spirit A myth in the dream's red chamber It's dawn. Our cruise ship has passed the roaring Qutang

Random Notes on Beijing

Beijing's cab drivers are the best in the world. They don't accept tips, and if the drive is at all less than direct, they always eat the loss themselves. They start the meter only


Book Reviews

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s “Missing Soluch”

Reviewed by Elham Gheytanchi

S. Y. Agnon’s “To This Day”

Reviewed by Tsipi Keller

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