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August 2006

Hot Nights, Cold Blood: Noir, Part Two


In the murderous summer heat—when, to quote Raymond Chandler, "Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks"—we invite you to chill with the icy killers, con men, and cops of our second noir issue. Giampiero Rigosi's hustlers board the "Night Bus" in Bologna, and Leonardo Padura's burned-out Cuban policeman confronts Hurricane Felix and his own tropical depression in "Havana Black." Tonino Benacquista's Parisian gallery worker wrestles modern art and a modern art thief in "Framed," Gianrico Carofiglio's weary Italian lawyer tries to stop smoking and go straight in "A Walk in the Dark," and Marek Krajewski's laconic inspector finds corpses in walls and ghosts everywhere in "End of the World in Breslau." Jakob Arjouni's disgraced gangster plots his heroic redemption in the antic "Black Story," while Santiago Paez's Ecuadorian cops investigate a suicide who's literally gone to pieces. Let tempers and temperatures rise: As Chandler noted, "Anything can happen."


from Night Bus

Thursday, 1 April 1993, 7:30 p.m.- Friday, 2 April 1993, 2:30 a.m. Hearts do not grieve and can suffer Hour by hour, even for an entire life, Without any of us ever knowing, With too much

from Havana Black

"And get here quick!" he screamed at a sky that seemed languid and becalmed, as if still painted from October's deceptive palette of blue: he screamed, arms crossed, chest bare,

from Framed

Thirty-five paintings, practically all the same: indescribable black scribblings on a black background. Obsessive, sick. The day they arrived at the gallery I unpacked them one by one,

from A Walk in the Dark

1 You never quit smoking. You give up for a while. Days, months, years. But you never quit completely. Cigarettes are always there, lying in wait. Sometimes they appear in the middle of

from End of the World in Breslau

Breslau Monday, November 28th 9:00 a.m. Kurt Smolorz, a sergeant in the Criminal Unit, was one of the best officers of the Breslau Police Department. His brutality was reviled by

A Hard-boiled Story

He'd loused it up, that was for sure! As head of security he'd been in charge of the deal. The fact that the Russians' lead containers held not plutonium but a scribbled note

The Reticent Suicide

(An Inspector Suasnavas case narrated by his friend Pérez the journalist) I've decided to begin this saga of Inspector Facundo Suasnavas with the case that gave root to his


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