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February 2020

International Graphic Novels: Volume XIV

Image: Vicente Reinamontes, from Al sur de la alameda. Published 2014 by Ekaré sur. © 2014 by Vicente Reinamontes. By arrangement with the publisher. All rights reserved.

Welcome to our fourteenth graphic novel issue. With its telegraphic blend of word and image, the graphic form lends itself to the documentation of social and political issues, but also facilitates more intimate considerations of emotion and experience. In settings ranging from the hush of a museum after hours to the hubbub of a packed subway car, and with characters as diverse as Chilean high school students and Lebanese cabdrivers, these works present a variety of situations both collective and individual. In two tales of protests, Lola Larra and Vicente Reinamontes take an inside view of a Chilean student occupation, and Barrack Rima documents an uprising in Beirut. Melanie Leclerc finds a photography lesson leads to a flash of insight, while Moussa Kone, Walter Pamminger, and Bastian Schneider curate an alternative museum exhibit. Thomas Mathieu and Juliette Boutant depict #MeToo moments in Paris. And Apol Sta. Maria and Marlon Hacla team up for an impressionistic meditation on growth. WWB Critic at Large Maya Jaggi explores how Lebanese literature has been a vital space for personal memory in a country seemingly intent on bulldozing its past.


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