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January 2017

Bad Behavior

Image: Ivan Navarro, Conduit #1, 2015, neon, steel, mirror, one-way mirror, and electric energy, 36 1/4 x 36 inches. Edition of 3 (from an edition of 3 + 1AP). Courtesy of Ivan Navarro and Paul Kasmin Gallery.

As the new year arrives with its resolutions and pledges of virtue, we're taking one last look at bad behavior. Characters abuse power and substances, dodge laws and bend the rules, and otherwise indulge their baser instincts in this survey of crimes and misdemeanors around the world. Andrei Krasniashikh's sodden soccer fan really doesn't know the score. Amy Yamada's manipulative teen signs up for a risky after-school activity. Hanna Krall exposes a con woman's ultimate scam, and Jean-Marie Blas de Robles observes the worst kind of industrial espionage. Felipe Franco Munhoz pins the blame on Faulkner; Alejandro Saravia's immigrant deals his own death; and Guiseppe Berto challenges the gospel truth. We hope these displays  of poor form get your year off to a good start. Elsewhere, we offer a selection of fiction from Macedonia, translated and introduced by Will Firth. 


Book Reviews

“Savage Theories” by Pola Oloixarac

Reviewed by David Varno

Fear and violence, war and sex, eroticism and philosophy, and flawed characters grappling with the messiness of life in a fragmented digital world.

“Seed in Snow” by Knuts Skujenieks & “Andes” by Tomaž Šalamun

Reviewed by Kate Prengel

Two new translations of poetry, one from Slovenia, the other from Latvia, both very different, both well worth the effort.

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