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July 2008

Say You Want a Revolution


A Tongue of Lead

There are nights when dreams run stories one into another, preventing the sleeper from making a clean break between scenes that strange actors link together in his head, and so it seems that

The Communist of Montmartre

In April 1935, the Paris Central of the Communist Party found itself in an acutely embarrassing dilemma. Moscow had asked them to bring one representative from each ethnic group oppressed by

from “Chaabi”

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Nine Nights with Amada Luna

In the beginning was the fascination. The area around La Rampa, with its movie theaters, clubs, and restaurants, had become the heart of Havana's throbbing night life. I was a shabbily

from “Black Sky, Black Sea”

May 1977 The Byzantine aqueduct stretched from the houses by the fire station over the boulevard and then curved in toward the back of the city theater. Four lanes of traffic flowed under


Stalin’s Wife

Moira and I wait for Stalin's wife in a downtown café. We arrived on time, but we didn't expect her to be punctual: it's the mistress who must wait for the wife, not the


The Arrest of Heberto Padilla and Belkis Cuza Malé

Translator's Note: Belkis Cuza Malé's account of her arrest and that of her husband, Heberto Padilla, reveals intimate household details of what happens after the notorious

Life Is a Novel

Translator's Note: In Fritz Glockner's Memories of the Underground: A Clandestine Life, Miguel Ángel abandons not only his job but also his wife and five children to join a


Book Reviews

Carlo Lucarelli’s “Via delle Oche”

Reviewed by Peter Rozovsky

Elena Ferrante’s “The Lost Daughter”

Reviewed by Joseph V. Tirella

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