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June 2021

The Queer Issue XII

Image: Hung-Chi Chen, 耽溺與背叛 "Addict and Betrayer." 2015, acrylic and glitter on canvas, 100×100 cm

Welcome to our twelfth annual Queer issue. The characters in these seven pieces reflect on the past and pursue the future, reckoning with loss and confronting desires established and new. Wanning Chen transcribes the memories of a Taiwanese butch lesbian, and Li Kotomi depicts an alienated preteen mourning the loss of a classmate and a connection. Olivia M. Coetzee’s trans woman watches street traffic and considers the lives intersecting with hers. Nina Bouraoui channels the roiling thoughts of a runaway wife and mother. Javier Stanziola's protagonist reads a life-changing letter, and Colombian poet Raúl Gómez Jattin looks back at life and love. And Fahmi Mustaffa’s young Malaysian in Amsterdam navigates an unexpected detour.


Book Reviews

A Pioneer of Decolonial Poetry, Jorgenrique Adoum Finally Gets His Book-length (Post)English Debut

Reviewed by Olivia Lott

Linguistic experimentation and political rebellion went hand in hand in the work of the Ecuadorian Adoum, a leading figure of the Latin American neo-avant-garde who wrote his verses in what he called "postspanish."

“The Scar We Know” Shows How Lida Yusupova Shaped Russian Feminist Poetry

Reviewed by Josephine von Zitzewitz

With an unflinching gaze at physical and sexual violence, abundant profanity and a disregard for meter and rhyme, the poems in this collection expose the gruesome routine of gender hierarchy in a society that has turned the shoring up of patriarchal structures into government policy.

In the Stories of Kjell Askildsen, Stasis and Revelation Intertwine

Reviewed by Ben Goldman

The narratives of "Everything Like Before," only the second book by the Norwegian writer to be published in the US, bend toward the seemingly mundane, then sting with an act that might (or might not) change everything.

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