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March 2008

The Groves of Lebanon


from “October 27, 2003”

“Etel Adnan’s language takes the reader on passages that thread in and out of their own feelings, their own consciousness.”—Diana Abu Jaber

Dinner Party in Beirut

The druggist has closed up shop without a word to anyone, the scoundrel, and it's not even five o'clock. Am I to wait here on the sidewalk like this, with my legs swelling? His

Crazy Zarifé

It was because of a star that appeared between the Great Bear and the Little Bear that the goats in a village in northern Lebanon ate the French essays of the eighth-grade primary class.

A Short Description of Lebanon

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The Garden of the One

The snail is necessary the bindweed is necessary The cold leaves and their dew The walls too placed in the light And our hands' weaving in the light Beneath the etched white angle of

The Dragon of Rabieh

Based on actual events Inspector Sharbel Barud was picking his teeth while listening to the firemen's explanations. This case was starting to get on his nerves. For the past five days


Introduction: War and Literature Two years ago I asked a carpenter who had done a good job for a friend to come to my home and build a bookcase that would house the many volumes scattered


I gaze at my corpse where it lies and I find myself beautiful. Beautiful as a wounded legend. Beautiful as only someone else can be. I gaze at my corpse and my corpse is a wire. I am

from “Origins”

In Origins, Amin Maalouf recounts the family history of the generation of his paternal grandfather, Botros Maalouf. Maalouf sets out to discover the truth about why Botros, a poet and


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Book Reviews

Sandor Marai’s “The Rebels”

Reviewed by Robert Buckeye

Andrey Platonov’s “Soul”

Reviewed by Alex Wenger

Antonio Muñoz Molina’s “In Her Absence”

Reviewed by Michael Kern Johnson

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